Strategic Focus

Two current areas of specific focus and interest to the JMK Group are;

Environmentally Sustainable Design and Construction

J M Kelly actively seek to integrate Environmental Design Principals into all of their projects, whether or not they are to be delivered under an Environmentally Sustainable Design rating system. JMK will aim to incorporate local materials and manpower leading to a reduced carbon footprint as well as making use of nil or low cost impact systems such as low volatile organic compound materials, low energy lighting, energy efficient ventilation and cooling and water efficient fittings and systems.

J M Kelly maintain a fully certified Environmental Management System and have an experienced Green Building Council of Australia Approved Professional within their management team. An increased involvement in Environmentally Designed projects is amongst J M Kelly’s principal strategic goals.

Building Information Modelling

J M Kelly Builders are excited by the ongoing advances in Building Information Modelling (BIM) software and are focused on developing industry and client relations with a view to enhance and improve current practices and enable early project participation. Participation that will lead to effective provision of specialist advice including time and cost estimation allowing the effective development of four dimensional modelling.

In 2006 J M Kelly invested in CostX software which is a powerful estimating tool with wide ranging capabilities, not least of which is integration with Revit 3D Architectural Modelling.